In my journey as a artist, designer and creative director, I've had the immense privilege of spearheading a project close to my heart—Norwood. This brand is a manifestation of the Pacific Northwest's raw, untamed beauty and the vibrant spirit of Portland, Oregon.

Norwood embodies the essence of the Pacific Northwest in every piece we create, from headwear to apparel and an array of thoughtfully crafted accessories. As the Creative Director behind this brand, it's my passion to infuse every product with the authenticity, rugged charm, and creativity that define the region.

Norwood Portland Oregon

Norwood Portland Oregon Headwear 5-Panel Cap Hat Avis Birds
Norwood Portland Oregon Headwear 5-Panel Cap Hat Olive Green CamoNorwood Pacific Northwest Portland Oregon Weave Cordura Water Repellent Headwear 5-Panel Cap Hat

Norwood Pacific Northwest Inspired Apparel & Headwear